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Horrible hair day to hair revolution.

DAFNI came to life when a young engineer received a bad haircut. In 2012, 24-year-old Sharon Rabi and her father Kobi, a senior electrical engineer, worked together in the family basement to develop a new generation of hair straightening product. They invented a hot brush, which they called ‘Frankenstein’s brush,’ as it looked the part. This brush actually straightened Sharon’s hair in minutes, helping her manage a demanding, too-short haircut by simply brushing it! Following that successful experiment and further research, Sharon and Kobi learned that the flat iron was patented back in 1909. Clearly, it was time for updated technology.

It took three years of research, failed experiments and optimization to turn that prototype into DAFNI, the first and only patented ceramic straightening brush, which they named after Sharon’s younger sister. Using DAFNI is as intuitive as brushing your hair. The unique 3D surface of the brush is wider than that of a traditional straightener, allowing you to style large sections of hair with each brushstroke, reducing the time it takes to straighten your hair by as much as 10 times. Due to DAFNI’s ceramic coating and protective structure, you can use DAFNI exactly as you would a regular brush.

Sharon and Kobi launched DAFNI in September 2015. Since then, a video of Sharon straightening her (now longer) hair in minutes using her DAFNI brush was viewed online more than 120 million times and shared more than 2 million times.

DAFNI’s mission is to help women be their most confident, beautiful selves, while liberating them from time-consuming hair styling routines. What would you be able accomplish if gorgeous hair was just a few brushstrokes away?



Made with love by one woman for all women. Whether you're a mother, student, or executive, modern women everywhere struggle to be “super women."  Society today brings more pressures, but no extra time in the day. DAFNI is dedicated to making every day a little easier, and to help us look good doing it all. This premium product is the indulgence that delivers a daily boost of confidence to transform the everyday into the extraordinary


The culture of DAFNI is defined by five simple ideas...

Be Empowered - Stand up and take control. Embrace the moment
Be Human - Have fun, make mistakes, love, learn
Be Compassionate - Help women in need. Be kind
Be Amazing - Be the best possible you there is. Never stop. Never give up. Do not take NO for an answer!
Be Truly Beautiful - All women are beautiful. Be yourself. Beauty starts from within



DAFNI fits seamlessly into your day, and while it will never take up more than a few minutes of your already busy schedule, it might just turn your whole day around. Having DAFNI in your life means that great hair is always a few brush strokes away.

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